Dudley MBC to debate Divestment Motion


Brilliant news! On Monday 18th February, at full council, Dudley MBC will debate a fossil fuel divestment motion.

The motion raised by Labour’s Councillor Pete Lowe is the second to be raised in the West Midlands. In 2017  Birmingham City Council  unanimously passed a motion calling on West Midlands Pension Fund to divest from Oil, Coal and Gas exploration and extraction companies.

We need your help to make this a success ( see ‘Lobby your councillor’ )

Coventry-Rise for Climate

Join us on Saturday the 8th September for Coventry -Rise for Climate.  2:00 pm-3.30pm ,


Come along and let the council know you want divestment , take part in a visual opinion poll, create a selfie showing why you back urgent climate action or make a ‘vox pop’ for our video. Join in the action photo at 2.30pm.

(Bring some bubbles if you can or get arty with a home made placard -#rise for climate / #fossil free )

A writing stand will provide the information and everything you need to write to your councillor- then ‘post’ your letter using our ‘nodding donkey’. ( We’ll make sure they are sent)

There will be giant bubbles, Divest Dino ballon modelling and crafts too.

Help us spread the word!

Here are some suggested tweets / Facebook messages that you could post to help us spread the word…

Support Dudley MBC fossil fuel divestment motion! Information at divestwmpf.org
Tell your councillor you support Dudley MBC fossil fuel divestment motion! Information divestwmpf.org

I told my councillor I support Dudley MBC fossil fuel divestment motion. Will you? Information at divestwmpf.org
Want Dudley to invest in the future, not in fossil fuels? Support the motion to divest! Information at divestwmpf.org

If you have room, you could also add one of the following hashtags:



Tag us in your in post by including @DivestWMPF and tag Dudley MBC by including @dudleymbc

Templates for lobbying via Twitter and Facebook

Here are some templates you can use to lobby your councillor via Twitter or Facebook:

Dear Cllr (name of councillor)
I support the fossil fuel divestment motion (POSTCODE)
Information at divestwmpf.org


Cllr (Surname Councillor)
I support the fossil fuel divestment motion (POSTCODE). Please vote yes! Information at divestwmpf.org


Invest in my future not in fossil fuels. Please support the motion to divest!
(POSTCODE) For info visit divestwmpf.org


Cllr (Surname Councillor) Let’s stop investing in fossil fuels!
(POSTCODE). Vote yes! Information at divestwmpf.org


If using Twitter to lobby your councillor, please don’t forget to include their twitter handle so that they see your message. You can usually find out what your councillor’s twitter handle is by typing ‘Cllr (NAME) twitter’ into google. Ensure your voice is heard!