Dudley back divestment

In October 2019 Dudley Council voted unanimously to end fossil fuel investment by WMPF, the West Midlands local government pension fund.

Dudley news wrote:

“A motion calling for the council’s pension fund, West Midlands Pensions Fund, to divest from fossil fuel companies was passed unanimously by councillors on Monday, October 7.

The motion was put forward by Councillor Pete Lowe, who addressing full council, said: “Tackling such a colossal challenge requires action at all levels – international, national, and local. That is why I have decided to bring this motion forward.”

The local authority currently has no investments in fossil fuel firms but the Fund has nearly half a billion pounds invested in the oil, coal and gas industries.

The motion calls on the Council and the Fund to explore possible alternative investments in the clean energy industry.”

This successful motion was a result of years of campaigning by DivestWMPF. The briefing we prepared for Dudley councilors is available to read.

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